Saturday, February 18, 2012

Line Ball 1.0 Released!

Line Ball is a pong-style game where you try to collect stars while avoiding different obsticles! You will physically tilt your phone to control your paddles while trying to keep the ball in play. Collect all the stars to proceed to the next level.

- Uses the accelerometer to move game paddles
- Old school graphics and sounds
- 15 different levels
- Over 170 stars to collect
- 7 different kinds of obstacles
- Configurable options include: sound, accelerometer sensistivity, game difficulty

Game Walls:
- Red walls bounce the ball back
- Blue walls bounce the ball back and a faster speed
- Yellow walls uncollect a random star
- Hidden walls bounce the ball back while temporarily revealing itself

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girls with Whips 1.1 Released!

I have released an update to the Girls with Whips app due to a minor bug found on the T-Mobile G1. Please report any issues with this app and I will address it as soon as possible.

Crime Stats 1.2 Released!

I have updated the look and feel of the Crime Stats app to give it more visual appeal. The next release for this app will include more locations apart from NYPD and LAPD.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls with Whips 1.0 Released!

Use your phone as a virtual whip!

* Adjustable whip sensitivity
* Ability to enable/disable a funny sound clip after the whip crack
* Includes pictures of girls with whips!

You can find this application in the Android Market under Entertainment Applications.

Crime Stats 1.1 Released!

I've updated the Crime Stats application to supported the LAPD in addition to NYPD. I will update this app again soon by adding many more districts in addition to a new UI.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crime Stats 1.0 Released!

I've released my very first application into the Android Market, Crime Stats! It is a really simple application that does nothing more than link the user to download PDF files. Given that this barely constitutes for an "application", it is a stepping stone to hopefully greater things. I needed an idea where the data is already in existence and this is such a domain where data is plentiful. I'll use this application as a starter for developing better UI's before trying more difficult applications. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


I've started this blog to track my progress as I venture into the world of Android development. My first pass through the Android SDK was wonderful. I was excited and fairly impressed. As I continued through and started to play with the example code it became more apparent that this SDK wasn't so pretty. Undocumented standards, out dated sample code and a lot of "oh so that's where it is" moments made it an effort (for me at least) to learn the basics.

We'll see how it goes...